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The time of year has finally come.

You can feel it in the distance, and you catch the first chilly breeze though your hair. Suddenly, you're in yoga pants, tucked under your furry boots. Your beanie is the same knit pattern as your new scarf and guess what: it also has a poof on top. Your hands feel warm for some reason, oh yeah, you ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte...extra hot no whip. Over the comfort from your yoga pants, the feeling of butterflies tickles your stomach, and you can help but ask your self... am I... Basic?!

Embrace your inner basic babe inside, just do it, Everyone else is doing it! If all the stores smell awesomely like Pumpkins, why can't your place? 

Basic Babe: Smells like pumpkin spice lattes and yoga pants 

Pumpkin | Chai | Vanilla | Ugg Boots

Just Be Basic

All of our candles are hand-poured in the Cowboy Capitol of the World, Oakdale, California. They are 100% soy candles, complete with a high-crackle wooden wick and wooden lid.

Our 2.5oz candles will burn for at least 15 hours. 

Our 10oz candles will burn for at least 50 hours.

Our 14oz, 2 Wick candles will burn for 50 hours and are designed to flood your large spaces with fragrance! 

Customer Reviews

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Denise Kelly
Smells like fall

Love this candle. Lasts long and smells amazing.