Candle Care

  1. Your candles should be lit for at least 4 hours, every time. 

No, really. Burning your candle for 4-5 hours at a time ensures that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container. The melted wax (not the flame) is what gives off your candle's scent, so this will maximize your candle's scent when lit. Allowing the top layer of wax liquefy and pool to the edges to avoid tunneling. Your candle should be lit at least long enough to draw a completed wax pool every time you burn it.

      2. Trim you wick before each burn. 

Your wick is trimmed to shape and ready to go for your first burn. After your first burn, you want to keep your wick around 1/4 of an inch long. Wait until your candle has completely cooled and your wax has hardened. Use your fingers to pinch the ash layer off of your wick. Discard ash.

      3. Use a flat surface

Ensure that the surface you burn your candle on is flat, level, and sturdy. Candles left on uneven and unstable surfaces pose a fire hazard. 

      4. Never leave a candle unsupervised.

Candles left unsupervised pose a fire hazard.

      5. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

This candle can cause burns when not used as directed or with children who reach for it. This candle can be knocked over by an animal or can catch fur on fire. You don't want to be the person chasing after their cat because they put their tail in the flame..... 

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