Kayla, a proud Navy Veteran and co-founder of Sparks Fly Candle Company, shares the inspiring journey from military service to the joys of parenthood and candle-making on Good Day Sacramento. Immerse in the story of their delightful sassy candles, crafted

Sparks Fly on Good Day Sacramento!

Hello beautiful souls!

If you'd told me a few years ago that I'd be demonstrating with our sassy candle company on Good Day Sacramento, I would have chuckled and dismissed it as a daydream. Yet, here I am, freshly buzzing from the excitement of having just done that! Watch me here!

Let me rewind a bit and tell you our story...

My husband and I are both proud Navy Veterans. I had the honor of serving on the USS John C. Stennis as part of my five-year service, while my co-founder and life partner sailed the seas aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson. Those days on the ship were full of discipline, hard work, camaraderie, and moments that forever changed us. But as with every chapter in life, my Navy journey came to an end, leading us to dream about starting a family.

In the blissful whirlwind that followed, we welcomed our child right on the cusp of 2020. The universe, however, had other plans. Just as we were adapting to the joys and challenges of parenthood, the world was gripped by the unprecedented wave of COVID-19. With no childcare available for non-essential workers like us, I found myself at a crossroads, unable to work or continue my college education.

Times like these can either break you or reshape you. And for us, it did the latter. In the quest to find a hobby and a sprinkle of normalcy amidst the chaos, we started crafting candles. What began as a playful experiment soon unfolded into a revelation. We discovered not only were we good at it, but we absolutely loved it. But being the sassy souls we are, regular candles just didn't cut it. We began inscribing our candles with witty, cheeky phrases, hoping to ignite smiles during those gloomy times.

The warmth of our story caught the attention of Good Day Sacramento, and we were over the moon to share our journey with a wider audience. We chatted, laughed, and I even showcased our beautifully sassy candles. Taking pride in our customizability, we presented them with a custom candle crafted just for their team! Whether you're an individual seeking a unique gift or a business in need of branded favors, we've got you covered.

To say that being recognized by such a platform was an honor would be an understatement. It reaffirmed our belief that sometimes, the most unplanned journeys lead you to the most beautiful destinations.

From the decks of our respective ships to the cozy corners of your homes, our candles promise to light up your spaces with wit, warmth, and a touch of sass.

Stay glowing and always keep it sassy,

Kayla 💖

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