Join Kayla, the 'chief sass officer' of Sparks Fly Candle Company, as she unfolds their unique story, from Navy decks to crafting candles with a humorous twist, as featured in the 209 Magazine. Their journey in the 209 area, the creation of an 'Oakdale' c

Sparks Fly in the 209 Magazine!

Hey there, fellow candle enthusiasts! Kayla here, co-founder and "chief sass officer" of Sparks Fly Candle Company. Today, I'm thrilled to share a little bit more about our story, as recently featured in the 209 Magazine. Who would've thought that the twists and turns of life could lead us from the deck of Navy ships to crafting candles that make you chuckle? Read the 209 Magazine Article here!

For my husband, Chad, and me, our candle-making journey began amidst life's unexpected shifts. Post my service in the Navy and shortly after welcoming our son, James, the world seemed to go on pause. With a baby in tow and a hiatus from regular jobs and education, the quiet moments led to our eureka moment. "Why not make candles?" And as it turns out, we weren’t just kindling wicks, but sparks of joy.

What started off as a fun hobby quickly turned into a brand essence, especially with Chad's graphic design skills. We loved the idea of infusing humor into each of our candles, leading to the creation of Sparks Fly Candle Co. - because who doesn’t love a bit of sass in their scent?

Life brought us back to the 209 area, a place close to my heart and now, to our business. The shift from corporate life to full-time candle crafting wasn't immediate, but as Chad would testify, it's been so rewarding. Our third garage has been transformed into a sanctuary of scents and laughter, where every candle has its own cheeky tale.

Our encounter with Oakdale's Mayor, Cherilyn Bairos, was one such chapter in our story. Her idea of creating an "Oakdale" candle was just the kind of innovative, community-driven project we adore. This spirit of collaboration and creativity resonates with our brand and our life journey.

Giving back is deeply rooted in our DNA. Having been supported by incredible non-profits like Sentinels of Freedom, we understand the value of community. The help we received, both during our military transition and in setting up our business, has been immeasurable. Every candle we craft not only brings joy to our customers but also symbolizes our gratitude to those who've supported us.

And speaking of joy, seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter as people read our sassy candle descriptions? That's the real magic. Sure, sales are great (and much appreciated!), but knowing that we're spreading joy, even if it’s just a chuckle at a time, is priceless.

To all of you who've been with us on this journey, whether you've read about us, met us at markets, or simply enjoyed one of our sassy candles, thank you. Your support means the world. And for those new to our world of scents and sass, head over to and let's light up your day!

Sending warm (and witty) wishes, Kayla