Discover the magic of serendipity with Sparks Fly Candle Company as they collaborate with the artistic community of Oakdale. Learn about their unique contest, bringing the town's essence to life through a signature candle, capturing the scents of oak, lea

Oakdale Candle Contest

Hello, beautiful people!

Today, I'm thrilled to share the enchanting tale of our rendezvous with the artistic community of Oakdale and how a candle contest brought the spirit of Oakdale to life, through our candles! Read the Oakdale Leader's  contest announcement here and the winner announcement here!

It all began when we were featured in the Oakdale Leader after collaborating with the spirited Mayor of Oakdale, Cher Bairos. The idea? A contest for Oakdale’s very own signature candle, encompassing the town's essence in wax and wick. The challenge was thrown at Oakdale residents: portray the heartbeat of Oakdale, with the winner's art becoming the face of our candle.

Enter Sarah Lawson, a native of Oakdale and a recent addition to the Oakdale Leader team. Her casual drawing, conceived in a mere 20 minutes while waiting for a friend, soon emerged as the embodiment of Oakdale's spirit. Drawing inspiration from Oakdale's vibrant nightlife, rodeo grounds, and the rustic charm that defines the town, she proposed a candle that evokes the scents of oak, leather, bourbon, and country music. And, as she aptly described, Oakdale is indeed, "...A town that would make the rodeo a holiday."

Sarah's vision was masterfully captured in our latest candle creation. With its dominant leather fragrance mingled with hints of bourbon, oak, and the invigorating spirit of country music, it genuinely feels like holding a piece of Oakdale in your hand. And as Sarah herself said, when you light it up, "you smell Oakdale".

We were beyond ecstatic to hand over the first of these contest-winning Oakdale candles, along with a special 'Winner's Basket', to Sarah. It's heartwarming to witness a young talent's imagination come alive and become a tangible product, reflecting the community’s essence.

This experience reminded us of the beautiful tapestry of stories that each community weaves, and we're honored to capture such narratives in our candles. A special shout-out to everyone in Oakdale for their enthusiastic participation, and here's to many more sassy, aromatic adventures together!

Until our wicks cross again, keep it lit, keep it sassy!

With love and crackling flames,

Kayla and the Sparks Fly Candle Co. Team

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